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What is GO-SIM?

GO-SIM provides an International network that will save you up to 85% on your mobile phone call charges whilst abroad.

With a GO-SIM card in your unlocked mobile phone, you can receive calls for FREE in over 80 countries and regions of the world and make low cost calls in 185 destinations.

Simply remove your usual SIM card and insert a GO-SIM every time you travel and get the following great benefits:

  • Chat for six times longer with up to 85% off calls from over 190 countries/territories
  • Receive a +44 British Isles and a +1 United States mobile phone number
  • International roaming rates from 19p or 29c per minute
  • Call rates include tax (VAT, GST and sales taxes are not charged separately on top ups)
  • FREE unlimited incoming calls in over 80 countries on your +44 number, including the United States and Canada
  • FREE to receive SMS/texts in all countries on your +44 number
  • Unlimited free web based SMS/texts to your phone
  • Prepaid data available in over 145 countries/territories from 29p or 49c per MB
  • No connection, daily access charge or monthly fees
  • Easy to set up forwarding of your existing number
  • 24/7 Live Customer Service accessible direct from your phone, or using toll free numbers in 15 countries
  • Top Up anytime via the phone or web, or enable auto-recharge
  • It is prepaid, so no contracts, no credit checks and no huge bills when you arrive home
  • View call records and receipts online in real time
  • Your GoSIM can be delivered to your door fast - next day available in the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Not sure if this is the right product for you? - compare products
  • Works in any compatible unlocked GSM device


GO-SIM provide a range of Global SIM packs, from the Starter Pack through to the Globetrotter Pack. There are also a range of SIM cards with handsets supplied as complete packages, ready to go. If you use your own handset, make sure it is unlocked (read more about unlocking here). To compare the GO-SIM packs, click here.

About us

With offices in Australia, the UK and USA, GO-SIM is a leading global provider of prepaid international SIM cards and services that enable leisure and business travelers to use their mobile phones abroad at prices they can afford.

GO-SIM is a privately owned company with vast experience in telecommunications. We constantly use our experience to provide innovative new products and services to make it easier and cheaper to use your mobile phone while traveling abroad.

About our competitors

You may have already researched the market and have arrived here at GO-SIM with a good understanding of why we are the leading supplier of International SIM cards. However, here are some key questions we believe are important to ask and understand before buying from another provider:

Q. Does the credit on the SIM card expire if the card is not used for a while?

A. As long as you recharge minutes at least once every fifteen (15) months or use a charged service (such as making a call, or sending a text message) within any six (6) month period your credit won't expire. If your credit does expire, access to your online account and travel journal will not be blocked. If you recharge outside the fifteen (15) months period, please call customer service to recharge and get your expired account balance reinstated.

Q. Are there any 'hidden' costs associated with using or owning the SIM card? (Sometimes you will need to dig deep into the Terms and Conditions to find these). In particular, is there a daily network fee charged if the card is used?

A. With GO-SIM there are no 'hidden' call costs and we certainly don't charge a daily access fee. Some suppliers charge a daily fee every time the card is used - even to receive a text message.

Q. Is there a charge to retain the credit on the account to stop it expiring?

A. There is no charge, however you need to use a charged service once every six (6) months or recharge minutes once every fifteen (15) months in order to prevent your credit from expiring. Some suppliers charge a monthly fee to ensure you keep your credit!

Q. Is the a monthly service charge?

A. There is no monthly service charge with GO-SIM. Sometimes, other card suppliers will charge a fee just to maintain the service.

Q. Is there an annual registration fee to keep the service alive?

A. With GO-SIM there is no annual subscription or registration charge. Once you buy your GO-SIM it is yours for life. Many other suppliers charge an annual fee to keep the mobile number 'live'.

Q. Are there any additional or hidden call charges?

A. With GO-SIM our call rates are simple with no complicated zones or call connection fees.

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